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Poop training

lesson number 1 for dogs

first and inmediate consequence of having a dog

first consequence of having a dog

Welcome home Pepero

welcome Pepero




More than 400 little earthquakes after march 20th in Mexico City… what can I say?


Why turtles stink their habitats

T – Force


A new pet

a new pet

Bad joke

Bad joke

yoga video class

Yoga videoclass

Cold 2

Cold front

Secret garden

Bounding time

Freaky Sunday or the Super Junior’s teaser in America

Super Junior's teaser

school festival

mother's day school festival

Happy mother´s day

Happy mother's day

Mom´s day

Mom's day

The best present

The best present

getting ready for mother’s day

getting ready for mother's day

Harry the fish [Final]

Harry the fish 2

Harry the fish

Harry the fish

Determined woman

Determined woman

learning about earthquakes