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The process

In some webcomics, authors show the way they make their draws… I use a very simple program named comic boom, and I thimk is for kids, but well… the idea is to have fun.

Then… If someone feel curiosity about when and how,  I make this webcomic in my free time, between the work, the house, family and etcetera in my life, with my laptop, a wacom, and the comic boom program.

I know my draws are really simple, because I´m not a drawer, but  a writer and screenwriter, even when I like to paint landscapes in my other free time.

The process since I began to draw untill I publish it could be from 20 minutes to 1 hr., because I´m trying to publish it in both languages the same day

So, be patient if my little draws in the webcomic are yet some kind of bizarres, I hope get used soon to the wacom and could have a schedule to update more frequently this site, instead of stole some minutes to the routine to do it.


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