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When I was little, I didn´t have the fortune of having my mother besides me, so, when I became a mom, everything was new and I had to learn almost everything day by day. I suppose that having a mother by your side and ready to give you an advice when you are an adult, is like having a wonderful way to cheat during a difficult exam.

But the truth is that discover all about being mom is fantastic, wonderful and plenty of joy.

Moms pass through funny and unbelievable things, and sometimes are almost like running a pentathlon race. Every day is different, is something like being living a weird and funny adventure. I just want to share a little of the funny stuff that happen on those days of being mom, which will follow until the last one of my life… I don’t know, maybe if someone else tell me something funny I won’t hesitate to share it too.

I know that nowadays, my activities do not allow me to promise a daily update or something similar, but I will do my best effort to update this webcomic frequently.

Behave Kids!

A cool mom


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